Stonebridge Bank opened its doors in 1999 with a unique vision.

We wanted to be a different type of bank—one that put the customer first. With that in mind the bank has three goals.

  • Simplicity: “Keep It Simple.” We try to structure our accounts with no hidden fees and we keep our account structures simple.
  • Customer Service: We care about the customer and how products are delivered. Our basic services are easy to explain and our customer service representatives are hired based on their desire to be helpful.
  • Connectivity: We provide access through our easy to navigate Website and also provide the convenience of local branches, mobile and text banking, and ATMs.

The strategy that evolved from these three principles was to become a bank that provided service through convenient branches and over the internet. With our “can do” attitude we are able to meet the three guidelines outlined above.

Read the entire Stonebridge Bank Mission Statement.