Fee Schedule

Stop Payments (All Items) $25.00
Insufficient Funds Charge1 $30.00 
Uncollected Funds Charge $30.00 
Returned Check Charge $15.00 
Treasurer's Check Fee $10.00 
Telephone Verbal Transfer Fee $5.00 
Early Account Termination (< 90 days) $20.00 
Outgoing Wires (Foreign) $45.00 
Outgoing Wires (Domestic) $20.00 
Incoming Wires (All) FREE 
Statement Print Fee $2.00/month 
eStatements FREE 
RSA Online Token Fee $25.00/year 
Check Copies Free Online Images 
Online Bill Payment FREE 
ATM/Debit Card Replacement $5.00 
Foreign ATM Charges FREE 
Debit Card Annual Fee FREE 
Premier Money Market Maintenance Service Charge
- below $1000 minimum balance
Money Market Service Charge for preauthorized transfers in excess of 6 $15.00 
Checking Account Inactivity Fee  $10.00/month
(12+ months) 
Money Market Account Inactivity Fee $10.00/month
(24+ months) 
Escheat Fee $50.00 
Overnight Letter $30.00 
Foreign Collection Items $15.00 + Fees 
Photocopies  $1.00/page 
Research Requests (1 hr Min.) $25.00/hour 
Attachment, Levy, etc. $150.00 
Loan Payoff Request (One free payoff request per year) $25.00/request 
Noncustomer Check Cashing Fee $9.00 
Pop Money (per transaction) $1.00
Bill Pay FREE
Bill Pay Same Day (where available) $9.95
Bill Pay Overnight (where available) $14.95
1The categories of transactions for which an Insufficient Funds Charge may be imposed are those by any of the following means: check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means.
Last revised July 27, 2015